how to make an appointment on the app

I'm sick and want to visit a doctor. How do I do this?
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    You can choose every familydoctor=huisarts. Some have a contract with ZK,some are not contracted. In both cases the costs are payed by the insurance.

    Familydoctors work weekdays from 8-17. In the evening and in het weekend you have to phone a Huisartsenpost . ( they only work in the evening and during weekends). 

    Choosing a familydoctor is important , also when you are never sick, because only a familydoctor can refer you to specialised doctors in the hospital. 

    It is not possible to use the ZilverenKruis app for making an appointment.

    Proceeding for now:

    1. If you are sick just now, and you cannot wait until monday morning, then you have to phone the Huisartsenpost. You can find the number on internet. For Amsterdam the website is  

    For other cities google on huisartsenpost CITYNAME.

    2. Otherwise you wait till mondaymorning and you look up a familydoctor in your neighbourhood. This can be done using the website of Zilveren Kruis.

    See also the attachment. ( you have to fill in your own city).

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