I bought a basic Insurance they did not accepts me and they still discount out the double

Dear Ilveren cross.

I received a letter where it is stated that given the unsure of my right to Healthcare insurance in the Netherlands they would have been canceled from November 11, 2019. I solicited insurance the Date November 11, 2019, with an own risk of 385 €, with a form or Basic insurance see Zo Basic with a cost of € 105.95 per month.
I just saw that yesterday it was discount € 176.58 from my bank account which is almost double of the original agreement.
I need to know why you are discounting this money if you are not insuring me, and why the amount discounted is almost 2 times more than the cost of Basic Insurance.
If you can imagine this is a big problem for me and I trust you will be able to answer my questions