Unfair hospital bill

HMC Hospital submitted a bill to my insurer without informing me about the bill, the process or anything else. I was not informed about their procedure or that an introductory phone call will be considered as medical consultation and I will be charged for it. So I submitted complaint against the bill and asked Zilveren Kruis to wait for their decision. Do you think I am at fault here?

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  • Offline als antwoord op Shikha13:

    The costs do not only relate to a telephone consultation. The hospital works with Diagnosis Treatment Combinations (DBCs). The hospital collects all care activities made in a treatment period. For example, hospital treatment or a consultation with the specialist, an MRI scan, an operation or laboratory examination.

    When you log in Mijn ZIlveren kruis you can see where the costs are from. If it's not possible to log in Mijn Zilveren Kruis you can call mine colleagues to check it out for you. Due to privacy we do not discuss this online.

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