Unfair hospital bill

HMC Hospital submitted a bill to my insurer without informing me about the bill, the process or anything else. I was not informed about their procedure or that an introductory phone call will be considered as medical consultation and I will be charged for it. So I submitted complaint against the bill and asked Zilveren Kruis to wait for their decision. Do you think I am at fault here?

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    Annoying that the connection has been lost. I advise you to call again the number i gave you yesterday to contact mine colleagues from the financial department.

    Unfortunately, we cannot do anything for you at this moment.

    Kind regards,


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    Hallo Shikha13, you are completely right in your opinion about the bills and the fact that you received nihil information. But... read further please!
    So is the system in the Netherlands. Almost everybody seems to know how it works, but it is only by hearsay, not through the information provided by the insurance company. The system is partly private, partly public. And so the most important things about how it works is decided by the government. Everybody has to pay a percentage from his wages and also a monthly premium with the insurance company of his choice. Then you are completely covered, accept that there is this “first amount that you pay yourself” of €385. That is the reason that nobody, especially not the healthcare providers who earn their money by providing healthcare, warn you in advance about this sum which is called “ Eigen Risico”. 
    The only advice that I can give you is: make another appointment with this healthcare provider that billed the €295. So you have to pay at maximum €385-€295 extra and you get better healthcare. They must deliver at least 90 days of care after the first appointment. 

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    Hi Feina,
    I wouldn't encourage anyone to make unnecessary health care costs considering these affect the costs both the health insurance company and the insured have to pay (in health care costs paid and mandatory excess respectively). 
    That said: thank you for taking the time to explain the mandatory excess ('eigen risico') to Shikha13. 

    @Shikha13 you can find further explanation about the excess on this English page of our website:


    If you've any leftover questions regarding the bill please send me a private message. I'll then make an appointment with you and call you back. 

    Kind regards,

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    In my opinion a short intake consultation doesnot have to imply that a healthproblem is not serious. The client, who is clearly not an dutch citizen, has to receive good healthcare. 

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    Er is iets raars aan de hand met bovenstaande link naar een Engelse pagina. Als je hem aanklikt, dan valt het gedeelte van de string die naar het engelstalige  deel wijst, weg. Dus “en” valt er tussen uit met het gevolg dat je uitkomt op een nederlandstalige pagina. Zie het screenshot.