How can i have a Dutch health insurance as a student in the Netherlands?

I just received a mail which says that I have 4 week only to send the documents that are in the mail, otherwise my Healthcare Insurance will be cancelled from March 28, 2020. I do not have any income and I am maintained by my parents with my living cost and they are living in Italy.How can I have a dutch health insurance ?. I am already student in The Netherlands and I need it in order to get a job and many things.

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    If you are an international student without Dutch income, you can't take out a health insurance. When you have job, you can apply for the health insurance. You can use this scheme to check. 
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  • This is correct: you cannot get a dutch Health insurance, unless you have a job in the Netherlands. Thus you will have to keep your italian Health insurance. Based on your italian insurance, you can make use of the dutch healthcare system with the EHIC or S1 Card. Included in the dutch healthcare are: the hospital, the familydoctor  but not the dentist. 

    attention: the costs of a dutch insurance policy are ca. €1500 plus €385 deductible excess ( = amount that you must pay yourself when you make use of care). But you can get help via the tax-department: “zorgtoeslag” (ca. €75 p.m.). 
    See the EU information.

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