IVF buitenland - verwijzing


I have a question about IVF abroad - in Portugal.

I'm in a special situation. More than a year ago, I discussed with my huisarts that I was having some difficulty getting pregnant. He advised to relax and keep trying because I already had a child, so another should not be a problem.

Fast forward and it's been 25months trying and I find myself in Portugal due to the pandemic. I didn't want to wait to return to NL so I went to a fertility specialist in a hospital here in Portugal. Made all sorts of exams for fertility at the hospital and started treatments (I did not and wlll not try to get any reimbursement for these from zilveren kruis). 

We've reached a point where the specialist is recommending IVF. For the IVF procedure I would like to claim reimbursement but I have some doubts:

  1. I'm trying to figure out if basis zeker is sufficient or if I should have exclusive. In this table, the right column says an amount but I don't understand if that's the maximum amount refunded or if it will be 75% of that? https://www.zilverenkruis.nl/-/media/zilverenkruis/files/consumenten/veelgesteldevragen/niet-gecontracteerdezorg/tarievennietgecontracteerde-zorg/tarieven-niet-gecontracteerde-zorg-2021/tarieven-medisch-specialistische-zorg-2021.pdf
    1. Maybe easier with an example. let's say i have basis zeker and get an invoice for 900€ under verricthing 14b182. What is the refund amount?

2. About the authorization process, I see I need to provide a verwijzing. Can this be a from the portuguese fertility specialist? If not, what exactly do I need - hopefully there is some understanding that I am not in the Netherlands and no physical presence in the Netherlands will be required. What languages can the reports be in? Can it be portuguese? Can the translation be to english (easier to find translator) or should it be to dutch?

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